RE 2023-2024

Our intent:

At Stephen Churchtown Academy, we have devised an RE curriculum which develops a coherent understanding of several religions, by studying one religion at a time, before bringing together and comparing different traditions. Pupils will learn about identifiable, core concepts of different religions and beliefs.


We aim for pupils to be able to:

  • ‘make sense’ of the religions and beliefs studied
  • ‘understand the impact’ of these beliefs on people’s lives
  • ‘to make connections’ in their learning and their wider experience of the world
  • demonstrate confidence when using subject specific vocabulary
Learning in Action
Starting in our 2 year old room, the children learn about RE through lots of talking and hands on activities within continuous provision. The children have opportunities to find out about the world around them through stories, social snack time, show and tell and celebrating special festivals. 
Children in Reception begin to learn about Christianity more in-depth, exploring the creation story, Christmas and Easter. As the year progresses, other topics such as 'Why are places special?' and 'Where do we belong?', allow the children to begin making connections between other faiths, such as Judaism and Islam. Learning is very hands on and supported through stories and developing key vocabulary. Children also record their learning in a class floor-book with photos, quotes and examples of their amazing work.
Year 1 and Year 2
Within year 1 and year 2, children have the opportunity to build on their Reception learning and experiences. Learning continues through stories, real life objects, role play and discussions. Children showcase their learning through a floorbook and revisit this for each lesson, helping the children to retrieve prior learning. Judaism and Islam are explored more in-depth which helps to embed new learning and support the children when 'making connections', 'understanding the concepts' and 'making sense of the text'. 
Year 3 and Year 4
Within lower key stage 2, children will be able to continue exploring and making connections within Christianity, Judaism and Islam, but also be introduced to the Hindu faith. Lessons incorporate many cross curricular aspects such as art, drama, music, history and geography. This allows RE to be engaging and support connective thinking. Children will develop their understanding of key texts and Holy books and continue to understand how this impacts the lives of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus around the world today.
Year 5 and Year 6
Upper key stage 2 continues to develop the 4 world faiths that have been introduced. Children are expected to consider and weigh up how ideas that have been studied relate to their own experiences and experiences of the world today, developing insights of their own and giving good reasons for the views they have. Children are asked to give examples and articulate how people of different beliefs and non-beliefs put their beliefs into action. Children have the opportunity to explore artefacts and special objects which helps to bring the different world faiths physically into the classroom. 
Celebrating Easter
Children had the opportunity to share their understanding of Easter in a special assembly. Each class shared a Bible reading and sang Easter songs altogether. 

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