PE 2023-2024


Our intent:

Physical Education plays an important part in developing physically-confident, healthy pupils. All children will be provided with a curriculum which:

  • promotes the love of physical education and sport.
  • exposes them to a range of different sports and games
  • allows access to opportunities to represent the school in inter school competition in a broad range of activities
  • allows pupils to be active for sustained periods of time


We aim for pupils to:

  • enjoy PE and sport and embed the characteristics of sportsmanship
  • develop resilience through competitive sport and high demand activities
  • lead healthy and active lifestyles
  • explain and use vocabulary confidently throughout the Physical Education curriculum and beyond
In Nursery, Physical Development is one of the prime area of learning in EYFS. This is through gross and fine motor skills. We enjoy doing Squiggle While We Wiggle activities to support our early writing. We have a selection of fine motor skill activities through threading, cutting and pencil control.
We enjoy physical development outdoors through balance bikes, ball skills, balancing and water pump activities.  We also enjoy Cosmic Yoga with our friends.
Physical Development is a Prime area of learning through Gross and Fine motor skills within EYFS. In Reception, children explore a variety of activities within Continuous Provision and PE lessons. This includes games, ball skills and gymnastics. 
Year 1
In year 1 we explore running at different speeds and within games. We develop moving the ball with our feet and using our hands to aim and throw with control and precision. We explore jumping and skipping and play games which involve these skills. We explore balancing and begin to develop teamwork.
Year 2
In year 2 we explore dodging and consolidate our jumping skills. We develop dribbling and passing and receiving a ball with our hands and feet and combine these skills to score a point in a game. We consolidate balancing and play games that involve attack vs defence and teamwork.
Year 3
In year 3 we develop moving and changing direction at speed as well as throwing with greater accuracy while also dodging. We introduce passing receiving and finding space and the difference between throwing overarm and underarm. We explore using simple tactics and running for speed.
Year 4
In year 4 we develop our throwing distance with accuracy and introduce jumping and ducking into games. We develop our passing moving and shooting and develop stopping, retrieving and returning a ball. We develop our running at speed and explore our stride pattern.
Year 5
In year 5 introduce blocking and consolidate catching. We use a range of passing styles and develop our passing, moving and shooting. We develop tactics for batting, fielding and bowling. We evaluate our performance when running and learn how to accurately complete relay changeovers.
Year 6
In year 6 we consolidate our understand of attacking and defending tactics and the tranistion between attack and defence. We consolidate keeping possession and defending. We consolidate batting, fielding and bowling. We apply our understanding of running and throwing for speed and distance to competitions.
Curriculum Overview

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