Year 3/4 - Carlyon Bay

What we are doing in our class
Carlyon bay have explored measuring in metres. They first found out want a metre is equal to- it is approximately 7 pencils, 3 chrome books, 2 1/2 bags or 4 shoes.
Carlyon bay pod have had a new art teacher today! Our new teacher did an amazing job teaching the rest of the class (including the three adults) about drawing facial expressions!
Carlyon bay enjoying a chance to relax and meditate, researching plastic and it’s impact on the environment for science week, creating a poster and playing nature bingo with a friend, discussing how many of the national trust ‘Top 50 things to do before turning 11 3/4’
Carlyon bay have started animating today.

Children in Carlyon Bay have enjoyed exploring Anglo-Saxon Runes using items found in nature today. 
In science, Year 4  have been using instruments to explore sound and vibration.
Problem solving in maths in Carlyon bay! They worked together and solved a tricky logic puzzle.
Have a go at home, following the link below:

Year 3/4 are learning about non-chronological reports. They have improved a report we read about lizards by adding headings, images, labels and fun facts. Great collaborative group work!