What we are up to in class

Fistral class have been making tally charts and pictograms. We tasted different salads. We have made a pictogram to show which was our favourite salad.
Fistral children with their topic homework certificates.
Fistral Class: In Science last week we have been exploring different materials and their properties. We have been investigating whether they are squashy, bendy, twisty or stretchy. 
Fistral Class having fun learning to play Jingle Bells on the new glockenspiels.
Fistral Class (Year 2/3) have been exploring what is the strongest material to make a bridge. We wanted to find out which would hold the most coins. We used paper, plastic straws and wooden lolly sticks. We also had fun exploring how we could make the paper stronger by folding and making a channel.
Topic Homework from Fistral Class - Congratulations.