What we are up to in class

Experimenting with Mirrors
Carlyon bay learning about the history of London and its buildings. They are making paper versions of different aged buildings from London from Roman settler’s huts to London Bridge and Buckingham palace.
Carlyon bay have learnt about children in need. 
Did you know- Pudsey Bear is the same age as Mrs Philp and was named after the town in Yorkshire where his designer is from. 
It has raised 1 billion pounds since 1980 for children in the UK. 
The children then designed their own children in need bears. 
The year 4 children explored gases today. We removed the carbon dioxide from different fizzy drinks. The pink lemonade had the most gas in it as it’s weight changed the most after shaking and opening, over and over again.
We also put carbon dioxide in a balloon and blew up a balloon- the carbon dioxide filled balloon dropped much quicker, so we worked out that carbon dioxide weighs more than air. 

The children in Carlyon Bay are learning about different mines and have labelled diagrams of different mines. 
The children in Carlyon Bay Class practised giving and listening instructions today. They drew pictures which they instructed their partner to draw, using words like below, above, next to without them seeing their picture.  They had to really concentrate and to think carefully about the instructions they were giving. 
Carlyon Bay have enjoyed putting papier-mâché on their tin mines today! 
Year 4 children have been exploring the melting and boiling point of water and chocolate. They have observed what happens when water turns to steam and how it can be turned back into water again. They also investigated the speed of ice melting and recognised what happens when ice has salt on it. 
Mrs Philp has adopted a Jaguar for Carlyon Bay class as a shared Christmas present and to start the class thinking about their new topic on  ‘Rainforests’ after Christmas. We can’t wait to get our updates and to receive our own Mini Jaguar to look after in our classroom.