Science 2021 -2022

Curriculum Intent

At St Stephen Churchtown Academy, we have developed a Science curriculum which develops: 

Curiosity: A range of practical investigations to develop scientific enquiry

Courage: A culture of risk-taking and being able to share ideas and thinking

Creativity: To be able to plan and carry out investigation to test out personal hypothesis

To ensure curriculum quality we have addressed the following: 

  • To focus on investigation-based learning, which incorporates different scientific enquiries and shows a progression of skills – creating a love of learning.
  • To develop scientific vocabulary and aspirations linked to STEM careers available.
  • To offer a varied science curriculum in EYFS, which incorporates the Early Learning Goals to provide the necessary foundations for scientific enquiry.
  • To raise the profile of science within the school so that pupil voice demonstrates that children are enthusiastic about all lessons.
  • To increase the Science Capital within the school and the community to allow closer working partnerships and projects.
Please see the documents at the end of this page to learn about the full Science Curriculum at our school.
In Nursery, children begin to learn about different occupations and ways of life. They also play with mechanical toys and simple equipment and learn how they operate. Children developing skill in making toys work by pressing parts or lifting flaps. 
In Reception, children have access to a variety of scientific resources in their investigation area. Children are encouraged to make observations using their senses. The Investigation area provides opportunities for children to show curiosity about the objects and engage in open-ended activity. Children are encouraged to make predictions and test their ideas. Scientific enquiry is great for promoting the Characteristics of Effective Learning.
Year 1
In Year 1, pupils enjoy learning about: Animals, including humans, Everyday Materials, Plants and Seasonal Changes. Children are taught and encouraged to work scientifically, asking questions, observe closely and gather and record data.
Year 2
In Year 2 children learn about a range of topics: Living things and their habitats, Plants, Animals, including humans and Everyday materials. Children will build on the scientific enquiry skills and be able to perform simple investigations.
Year 3
In Year 3, the topics are: Plants, Animals, including humans, Rocks, Light and Forces and magnets. Children to begin to learn how to set up their own simple practical enquiries and keep fair testing in mind. Results are recorded using simple scientific language, drawings and charts.
Year 4
In Year 4, the topics studied are: Living things and their habitat, Animals, including humans, States of matter, Sound and Electricity. Children further develop their scientific understanding and can use results to draw simple conclusions, make predictions and suggest improvements and raise further questions.
Year 5
In Year 5, children study a new Science topic each half term. Topics include: All living things and their habitats, Animals, including humans, Properties and changes of materials, Earth and space and Forces. Children should be able to plan and carry out scientific enquiry with increasing independence. They should be able to explain which variables need to be controlled and why and how to set up comparative and fair tests.
Year 6
In Year 6, the programme of study includes: Living things and their habitats, Animals, including humans, Evolution and inheritance, Light, Electricity. Children have opportunities to use relevant scientific language and illustrations to discuss, communicate and justify their scientific ideas. 
The Wider Curriculum

British Science Week - During British Science Week, pupils enjoyed a range of Science experiments. As part of this week, each class entered a Science Fayre - we will vote on a winner within the school which will then go on to enter the next round which consists of all the OGDEN Trust Partnership schools.

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