Reception/Year 1 - Crooklets

  • While Mrs Frost is at the door greeting the class as they arrive, the children put their things away and start the day with a variety of independent activities. It changes daily and can include; handwriting, spelling, Flashback maths (quick maths recap of previous learning), reading for pleasure, or finishing up incomplete work from the day before. When all the children have arrived, the class is quickly tidied up and they come to the carpet for register and dinner orders. Then, we have a quick chat about what lessons are planned for the day. 
  • After that, some of us go to phonic groups to practice our reading and spelling, whilst others practice their reading and spelling in the classroom.
  • BREAK TIME - on the bottom playground! 
  • After break, the reception children stay in Polkerris class, where they complete their daily maths and enjoy choosing time with their friends. The Year 1 children, stay in Crooklets class and complete either maths or English. We alternate the days we teach these subjects so that the children get a good chunk of time to complete their lessons and work with appropriate adult support. We generally complete double lessons on these days, so on maths day, the children will get 2 lessons rather than one so that they are still getting 5 a week! The same for English. 
  • When the children come in from lunch, we get together on the carpet and complete afternoon register. Then, the reception children go back to Polkerris class, while the Year 1s complete either a handwriting lesson or a Number Sense (quick maths) lesson. It depends on what we did that morning, for example; if the children had a double English lesson before lunch, we will complete Number Sense. If they had a double maths lesson, we complete handwriting. 
  • In the afternoon we have lots of great lessons and activities;
    • Mondays - PE
    • Tuesdays - Topic and ICT
    • Wednesday - Science
    • Thursdays - PSHE
    • Fridays - Music and Golden Time
    • We block teach RE the last week of the term, so children get 5/6 lessons in a row. 
  • Finally, we finish the day with a quick tidy up, hand out points and rewards earned, including class dojo and karate readers and get our things for home time. Mrs Frost usually puts something on for the children to watch while she is calling them out the door to their parents for pick-up. 
Mrs Frost and Mrs Stephens - class teacher and TA
Miss Bayley and Mrs Jago (1:1 Support - AM/PM)
(To see Reception work, please visit the Polkerris class page)
TOPIC HOMEWORK These are always due in the last week of the half term.
Mrs Frost's Group
Mrs Longworth-Riggs' Group
Mrs Hawken's Group

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