Reading 2021 -2022

Curriculum Intent
At St Stephen Churchtown Academy we value reading as a key life skill and are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers. Every pupil will be encouraged to develop a love reading and will make the progress needed to meet or exceed age-related expectations. Pupils will be familiar with and enjoy listening to a wide range of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction and this range of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction will be chosen carefully to develop pupils’ vocabulary, language comprehension and enjoyment. They will be able to comprehend and discuss the texts that they are reading in school and apply this across the curriculum and whenever they are reading for pleasure.
Please see the documents at the end of this page to learn about the full Reading Curriculum at our school.
In Nursery, children develop their own favourite stories, songs and rhymes and can repeat words and phrases from familiar stories.  They will begin to show an awareness of how stories are structured and can handle and look at books independently.
In Reception, children further develop their understanding of story structures and can describe main events and characters in texts. Children enjoy trying to read along and can use vocabulary and forms of speech that are influenced by texts. 
Children will develop their phonics knowledge throughout their time in Reception and become able to read and understand simple sentences and use their phonics to decode simple words.
Year 1
In Year 1, children develop their love of reading by listening to and discussing a wide variety of texts.  Children develop their confidence when being able to make inferences and predictions based on what they have read and can take part in discussions about texts. Some of these texts include: The Lion Inside, The Pirates Next Door and Cloudspinner.
Year 2
In Year 2, children become increasingly familiar with retelling a wider range of stories and texts. Children are introduced to non-fiction texts that are structured in different ways. Children can make predictions based on what has happened in the story so far. Some of texts shared include: The Ugly Five, Gigantosaurus and The Slightly Annoying Elephant.
Year 3
In Year 3, children read a variety of shared texts within the class and magpie good vocabulary to use within their own writing. Texts covered include: Krindlekrax, Iron Man and George's Marvellous Medicine.
Year 4
In Year 4, the children access a range of texts across the curriculum to develop their understanding of reading conventions and themes. Texts studied include: George's Marvellous medicine, Iron Man and Krindlekrax. 
Year 5
In Year 5, the children immerse themselves into high-quality texts and novels to develop their comprehension and understanding of different text types and genres. Texts include: Holes, The Sheep Pig and War Horse.
Year 6
In Year 6, the children enjoy a range of texts and novels such as: Harry Potter, Kensuke's Kingdom, Stormbreaker and The Diary of Anne Frank. 
The Wider Curriculum 
World Book Day (Whole School) and Bedtime Stories (Reception class)
Useful Websites for Pupils, Parents and Carers
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