Phonics 2021 -2022

Curriculum Intent

We define curriculum as the totality of a child’s experience at St Stephen Churchtown Academy. This includes not only what activities and learning they are immersed in but also the processes involved in how the child learns.  


At St Stephen Churchtown Academy, we have developed Phonics curriculum which develops:  

Curiosity: Wondering what an unknown sound says 

CourageHaving a go at reading using newly learnt sounds

Creativity: Trying the sound out in different books 


Our intent is that: 

At St Stephen Churchtown Academy, the systematic teaching of phonics has a high priority throughout EYFS and KS1 and where necessary in KS2. Our intention is to rapidly and effectively build Phonics skills in order to develop confident blending, decoding and segmenting skills. We passionately believe that teaching children to read and write independently as quickly as possible is one of the core purposes of a primary school giving them the fundamental skills to access the rest of the curriculum as well as impacting on positive self esteem and future life chances.

Please see the document links at the end of this page to learn about the full Phonics Curriculum.

In Nursery, children are introduced to phase 1 and this is the main focus. This focuses on Environmental Sounds, Instrumental Sounds, Body Percussion, Rhythm and Rhyme, Alliteration, Voice Sounds and Oral blending and segmenting. 
In Reception, children begin phonics on the first day of school. They are quickly introduced to phase 2 and receive a daily phonics lesson. In addition to this, children will have their own phonics books with personalised sounds (phonemes/graphemes) to learn at home.
By the end of Reception, children are expected to have learnt phonemes and graphemes up to the end of phase 4.
Year 1
In Year 1, children recap phase 4 initially and then quickly move on to phase 5.
By the end of year 1, children would have learnt all phonemes and phoneme grapheme correspondences and be ready to sit the Phonics Screening Check. This consists of 20 real and 20 pseudo words based on phase 2, 3, 4 and 5.  
Year 2
In Year 2, children recap phase 5 and then move on to Read, Write Inc spelling. Each child has their individual spelling book for this and the teacher will guide them through different spelling strategies each week. For children who did not meet the standard in the phonics screening, there will be continued additional phonics intervention.
Key Stage 2
In Key Stage 2, children who have met the phonics screening check, focus more on spelling, continuing with the Read Write Inc spelling scheme. For any children who did not succeed in reaching the standard in the phonics screening, they will still access interventions to enable them to catch up. This will be a combination of: 1:1, small group in class or through the additional sessions.

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