At St Stephen Churchtown Academy the teaching and learning of mathematics is a high priority as we recognise it as an essential skill for life. Our children are taught the 3 main areas of the National Curriculum Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving through a mastery curriculum. In order to meet raised national expectations within the National Curriculum we ensure that all of our children develop a deep and sustainable understanding of mathematical concepts through a maths curriculum which promotes a rich understanding of mathematical concepts taught in small steps in a systematic way.

We strive to offer a Maths curriculum which is consistent, sustainable and progressive through continuously looking at ways in which we can enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics within our school.

At St Stephen Churchtown Academy we have all been on a journey over the last two years in order to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. Led by our Maths Lead, Mrs Shelley Beckerleg (NCETM Professional Development Lead, Specialist Leader of Education, Maths Mastery Lead for Aspire Academy Trust) we have worked tirelessly to improve our children’s understanding of Maths through development of the Teaching for Mastery approach within our school. This has involved training on each of the principles of teaching for Mastery, demonstration Lessons in KS1 and in KS2, staff reflection groups on own practice, planning support, coaching and mentoring, enhancing our classroom mathematical environments plus ongoing sharing of number work across the school linked to the number operations. Our Early Years Team have also worked closely with Cornwall and West Devon Maths Hub as part of Maths in the Early Years Learning Research Group. Whilst in the Summer Term we also hosted a Maths Challenge Day led by Cornwall Maths Hub which was attended by some of our Clay Cluster Schools. Alongside this, we also regularly host visitors from Aspire Academy Trust for training and professional development.


Below are some examples of the maths which is taught at St Stephen Churchtown Academy.

Please click on the link below for our Calculations Policy.
Staff ‘Book Look’ focusing on progression in subtraction.
Recently,we had a progression in subtraction Staff Meeting where each class shared and discussed the images and  approaches used and how these link to our Calculation Policy.
Here are some examples of the Maths Working Walls at St Stephen Churchtown Academy.
Book Look focussing on progression in division.
Carlyon Bay- concentration (and frustration) on TT Rock Stars!