What's Happening

We enjoyed our visit from Jo, the dental nurse. She told us how important it is to brush our teeth. We met Dilan the dragon and helped him to brush his teeth. We learnt about what food and drinks are good for our teeth and what’s foods aren’t. We can’t wait to use our new toothbrushes to brush our teeth!
We love being at nursery with our friends! 
Nature Walk
The Nursery went on a nature walk around the school and found lots of leaves, twigs, chestnuts and prickly shells. They have put them on their nature tray to look at in more detail using the magnifying glasses. They had a great time playing on the tyres in the KS1 playground too!
The Nursery had lots of fun dressing up for Halloween, playing games and exploring the slime.
Children In Need
We dressed up for Children in Need in spotty and Pudsey themed clothes. We went to assembly to learn about why we raise money for Children in Need. We made some spotty biscuits and ate them at snack time, they were delicious! 
Friendship Week
We talked about how to be a good friend. We made handprints to show we use kind hands and paper chains to show that our friendship chain doesn’t break. 
Decorating the Christmas Tree
The Nursery have been busy decorating the Christmas tree!
Life Cycles
We have been learning about life cycles. We listened to the story of ‘The Teeny Weeny Tadpole’. We put the pictures of the life cycle of a frog in the correct order by working as a team. We have been painting some pictures of our favourite part of the story too! 
The Nursery enjoyed learning about how lifeguards keep us safe at the beach. They tried on some outfits and used some of the equipment. They were so excitedly to see the lifeguard van!
Police Visit
The Nursery were very excited to have a visit from PCSO Ally and Tri Service Dave last Friday. They learnt about how the police and the fire service keep us safe. They tried on police hats, jackets, did their fingerprints, got to explore the police van and learnt about smoke alarms. Dave asked them to check their homes for smoke alarms and test them.
Crossing Patrol
We were excited to have a visit from the Crossing Patrol. He told us how to cross the road safely and brought in some hats, gloves and uniform to show us. He told us all about the lollipop and we even had a go at holding it upright, it was very heavy