What We Are Up To

The children in Fistral Yr 2 have been developing their coding skills in the ICT suite. 
Space lab mobile planetarium 
Earth and space-  learning about the planets in our solar system, the stars, moon and sun. 
It's a Mystery!
Fistral Class had a mystery to solve - who had eaten all the marshmallows on bonfire night? They worked in pairs to solve a variety of maths clues and work out who the naughty marshmallow muncher was! We had some super detectives.
Design Technology - Flying Machines
Fistral have been designing and making flying machines. New skill - sawing the wood! (safely)
Claude Monet
Fistral have been learning about Claude Monet and painted their own ‘Japanese bridge over water lilies’.
Salt Dough
Fistral class made salt dough as part of their science work this morning. They discovered how it can be twisted, bent and stretched to change shape. They then made some decorations which are now ready to be dried before painting.
Spy Squad
'Spy School’ came to Fistral class today. The children were spies involved in finding clues and solving puzzles to identify the agent who had stolen Santa’s ‘naughty or nice’ list!
All the children had a fun afternoon and eventually we solved the mystery.
A big thank you to ‘Agent C’ for coming in and sharing her expertise and showing the children a rather different job that grown ups can do!
Toy Making
Fistral class have been making Victorian climbing toys.
Playground Equipment
Fistral class have begun to explore the new playground equipment.
Fistral's Rainstorm
Fistral class were inspired by Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa, worth a look on YouTube as their whole performance is voice and body percussion only. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjbpwlqp5Qw )
Chinese New Year

Healthy Relationships

Year 2 had a workshop about healthy relationships with Danny from Barnardos. They learned about who to talk to, keeping their body safe and private and had fun singing about Pantosaurus!

Broad Beans
Fistral class have made their final measurements of their broad bean plants, they have grown lots! We have done lots of maths with the measurements today. The children will take them home and we are looking forward to hearing how many beans they grow next term.