St Stephen Churchtown Academy has had another fantastic science day to celebrate British Science Week.  We have been learning about journeys in science through exploration, medicine and maths and how we also go on journeys in our everyday lives, from the travels we embark on to the journeys our food, electricity and rubbish take. As the day went on, students participated in experiments and investigations that focused on the different journeys in our lives. Below, you will find pictures of the children joining in and celebrating science. You can also find instructions and a video on how to complete Mrs Frost’s “Bottle Rocket” from the morning assembly. Finally, if interested in competing in the science poster competition, please have posters completed (2D posters on either A3 or A4 paper celebrating journeys) and submitted to Mrs Frost by 28th March.


Thank you, enjoy the pictures and happy investigating!

Instructions for Bottle Rockets - MUST BE CARRIED OUT BY AN ADULT!
- Small (500ml or less) drinks bottle with a sports cap lid which pops open (the 200ml and 300ml Fruit Shoot bottles worked particularly well).

- Fizzy headache or vitamin tablets (Alka Seltzer or Berocca type tablets).

- Mug or glass or jar that allows upside-down bottle to fit inside, with lid touching bottom.

- Warm water from the hot tap.



1) Fill bottle up half way with warm water. 

2) Put in 2-4 of the fizzy tablets, quickly put the lid back on and shake.

3) Quickly put the bottle upside down in a mug or glass - stand back and wait for the rocket!!!


Watch the video below to see how its done!

Perranporth Class investigating electricity.
Autumn 1 Working Walls
Spacelab visited our school on Tuesday 9th October 2018. What an incredible experience it was! Spacelab is a full dome, portable planetarium that immersed our students in some great science learning such as light, space and sound. 
Mr Barber, an astronomer and author, was the amazing teacher who led the learning during the Spacelab visit. He definitely captivated his audience and the students were amazed!
What an AMAZING day we've had celebrating British Science Week and learning all about science and why it's so important in our daily lives. Throughout the school, children took part in investigations of discovery and exploration, which was the theme this year for British Science week! The day started with an assembly to get the children excited about the day, and then each class completed a series of investigations to celebrate science. Please find below some pictures of the children making their scientific discoveries, Mrs Price's egg drop at the end of the day and the resources and instructions needed to complete the "Elephant Toothpaste" experiment that was presented at the assembly. There is also a set of instructions for the density investigation that Year 4 and 5 children completed as some of them wanted to repeat it at home with their loved ones. Finally, if your children want to compete in the science poster competition, please have all posters completed (2D posters on either A3 or A4 paper celebrating discovery and exploration) and submitted to Mrs Frost by the 26th of March. 
Thank you, enjoy the pictures and happy investigating! 
This is the investigation from this morning's assembly:
Recipe for Elephant Toothpaste - TO BE COMPLETED WITH AN ADULT!
(See PDF below labelled "Fantastic Foamy Fountain")
Density Investigation:
You will need:
- Honey/pancake syrup
- Washing up liquid
- Water with your choice of food colouring in it. 
- Vegetable oil
- Baby oil
Layer each of the above liquids in order of how they have been written down, starting with the honey/pancake syrup and working your way down. The liquids should form a colourful series of layers because of the density and weight of each item. You can take this investigation further by dropping different items into your layers to see where they settle based on their weights.