Welcome back from the half-term! I hope you had an enjoyable break. We have lots of exciting things planned for the next 6 weeks. Our new topic is ‘Africa’ and we will be focusing on a Geography topic this half-term. We will find out about Africa as a continent, studying its mountains, rivers, lakes and seas as well as learning about its animals and different cultures. Students will be required to complete one topic homework assignment. Details can be found in the class handouts section of this web page, where a copy of the homework has been attached.

Please continue to recall and use the times table facts to 12 as these will be used and assessed on a regular basis. Spellings will also continue to be tested weekly and I ask that you continue to read every night as this is something that will be discussed during parent/teacher conferences.

Thank you for all your support!
Mrs Frost and the Year 4/5 team! 

Welcome back - I hope you all had a lovely half-term holiday! We've got an amazing few weeks planned leading up to Christmas with lots of exciting and festive activities in the books! Keep an eye on this page and our Class Dojo page for updates on what's happening! To start, there are new spellings uploaded as well as the new topic web for this half-term! Count-down to Christmas is on!!!
The Year 4/5 Team :) 
I hope you had an enjoyable summer holiday and are looking forward to the new term as much as I am! Important information regarding the class, for example, the time table and the termly topic web can be found within our class tabs. As the year goes on, I'd like to start adding some pictures of our great work and trips we take. Please feel free to pop by the class any time if there's ever an issue you would like to discuss! I have an "open-door" policy and encourage you to come in for a chat if you ever feel unsure about something. Also, please keep an eye on Class Dojo for important messages and please feel free to use it as an alternative form of communication and way to get in touch! 
Let's have a great Autumn term!
Ms Maglietta and the Year 4/5 Team