Identifying Children with DSEN

Provision for children with special educational needs is a matter for the whole school. The governing body, the school’s head teacher, the SENDCo and all other members of staff, particularly class teachers and teaching assistants, have important day to day responsibilities. All teachers are teachers of children with special educational needs. The school will assess each child’s current levels of attainment on entry in order to ensure that they build on the patterns of learning and experience already established during the child’s pre-school years. If the child already has an identified special educational need, this information may be transferred from other partners in their Early Years setting and the class teacher and SENDCo will use this information to:


• Provide starting points for the development of an appropriate curriculum.

• Identify and focus attention on action to support the child within the class.

• Use the assessment processes to identify any learning difficulties.

• Ensure ongoing observation and assessments provide regular feedback about the child’s achievements and experiences to form the basis for planning the next steps of the child’s learning.


Parents are free to contact the class teacher, SENDCo or the Headteacher at any time to discuss their child’s progress. Contact can be made through school reception or via the school email at:-