ICT and Computing

ICT in School
The interactive whiteboards being used in class. 
The interactive white board being used by nursery to practise writing.
Discovery Education Code of the Week
Can you use the keys with this game to make the car go around without hitting the wall?
Can you use the keys suggested to collect all the snake's eggs?
Can you use the keys to steer the plane around the runway?
Can you find out what the keys do and pilot the helicopter around the page?
Carlyon Bay have enjoyed learning and writing their own adverts. We have written our own adverts and performed them. The children have experimented with using a green screen and iPad apps to turn it into an interesting advert. 
The above Powerpoint presentation contains some key documents and videos for parents interest.


Children in Carlyon Bay are creating their own animation. They have written a script, using their visit to watch Dr Dolittle as inspiration, and have now designed the set and brought in props. 

Next, we are going to use the tablets to create an animation. 

In the next couple of weeks, the boys from Sandy Hill Academy and Treverbyn Academy are going to meet with the boys from Carlyon Bay to share their scripts and completed animations, as part of our ‘developing boys writing inter-academy’ project! Watch this space for their finished animations! 

The children have completed their set design and practised filming their animations. 
Today, we start for real! Watch this space for budding Spielbergs, Lucas and Camerons!