Pupils are currently admitted to the school in accordance with the Cornwall LEA admission Policy. Early Years education is provided in the Nursery.  Applications, which are made directly to the Nursery, are considered by an admissions Panel which meets at the end of each term.

You must still apply for a place in Reception for your child, even if he/she already has an Early Years place in the Nursery. You should also note that attendance in the nursery does not give your child any priority for admission to the school.    

In 2017/18 the academy will switch the Aspire Admissions Arrangements as detailed below.                  

There is a co-ordinated admissions scheme for primary schools in the area of Cornwall Children’s Services Authority (CSA).  Admission arrangements and oversubscription criteria are in line with the Government’s regulations and Codes of Practice on admissions and appeal.   The school has a Published Admission Number (PAN) and places are offered up to the PAN.  Oversubscription criteria will only need to apply if there are more requests than places available.  For more information on admissions to a Primary School in Cornwall, please telephone the Admissions and Transport (Policy) team at County Hall, Truro. (0300 1234 101) 

Click below to download our admissions policy: